Using graphic design to communicate has been around for centuries. The invention of the printing press simplified layout and format and inspired publishers to use new typefaces. Mass printing techniques also changed the world of graphic design. Home computers changed how we perceive and use visual communication. In the past, designers have used a wide variety of traditional and digital media to communicate their messages, but today’s technology makes graphic design more accessible than ever. There are many different applications for graphic design, from marketing to decor.

As you may know, the design can attract certain emotions. Each person reacts to certain elements of a graphic. A design can draw the audience’s attention to various emotions, whether that is sadness or humor. Regardless, of the content, a good graphic design can elicit many reactions, whether you’re looking for attention, emotion, or anything in between. Using the right fonts and images can help you get the most from your graphic design efforts.

Throughout history, graphic design has had an influence on many art forms. From the caves of Lascaux to the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages to the neon lights of Tokyo’s Ginza district, graphic design has a long history. In the early Middle Ages, a group of people called William Caxton, a printer from England, discovered that he could use the extra pages from his religious books to advertise new books.

Today, graphic design jobs include all forms of visual communication. From designing company logos to developing email campaigns, and everything in between, graphic design can help a company sell ideas and products. Branding includes everything visual, from attitude to emotions to voice. In fact, many graphic designers are also part of a branding team.

ACC’s four-semester AAS program in graphic design prepares students for careers in the industry. The curriculum teaches students about the tools of the trade, including Adobe Creative Suite software. High-quality internet tutorials are also available to students. While the program doesn’t offer a degree, it’s still an excellent option for a new career in graphic design. There is something for everyone.

As a graphic designer, you’ll have opportunities to work in far-flung places. You’ll work with writers, and product designers, as well as PR specialists. Even better, you’ll launch your own studio, where you’ll be able to see your work in the spotlight, and hopefully inspire some others in the process. The world of graphic design is an exciting one.